Renee L.

I just celebrated a BIG birthday and was at a loss where to have my party for about 50 people. Thankfully, Adam Endick's company 3FOUR1 came through.

I told Adam what kind of event and atmosphere I wanted and he suggested Jorges's in One Arts Plaza. It was perfect! Adam even arranged for all of my guests to get 20% off their food. They allowed me to bring a cake in AND have my own DJ outside. Everything was perfect!

Adam was on site to make sure everything was flawless. And, his service didn't cost me a dime!

If you are looking for a place to have a party, throw an event big or small call Adam Endick with 3FOUR1 and use his service! You'll be glad you did!

Thank you, Adam for making my birthday so very special! 🙂

Renee L.

Laurie H.

I was in desperate need to find a venue for an event that I was throwing for about 75 people. I had everything planned, then the venue I secured fell through. I was lucky enough to have a friend that directed me to 3FOUR1. Adam was my knight in shining armor. He helped me find a venue that was absolutely perfect... Even better than the original, and in the 11th hour nonetheless. Not only was everything orchestrated perfectly, it didn't cost me anything to use their services! I can't say enough about the service I received from the 3FOUR1 staff. Without them, I don't think I could have made my event happen. I definitely know who I am going to call when it is time to have my next event. Thank you soooo much for making it so amazing!

Laurie H.

Caren G.

Adam and 3four1 is the real deal. He has gone the extra mile to help us fill our seats at our upcoming event. It's great to know that there is a company out there that comes from the place of service. I can't wait to work with them again!

Caren G.

Lauren C.

Adam Endick is absolutely no less than amazing! He guided us every step of the way and went out of his way to make sure my party was perfect!! His ideas were fabulous and was always mindful of our budget. I'm definitely going to Adam for every party!

Lauren C., Dallas TX

Phyllis K.

Adam Endick and the 3FOUR1 Team helped me plan a monthly happy hour at all the cool event locations around town. They were also very instrumental in driving awareness and ticket sales for our large Angels of Dance Event "Dancing for the Cure" where we had over 800 guests in attendance. The 3FOUR1 Team consulted with me and my board on marketing, our event, and was the key negotiator throughout. They make things happen!

Phyllis K., Euless, TX

Sonia C.

I had been searching for a venue for my daughter's 16th birthday for about 2 months without success when Adam Endick came to the rescue. He secured a venue within my budget and made the process stress free. He and his staff are personable and easy to work with. I can't express my gratitude enough to Adam for going above and beyond to help ensure my party be a success. I highly recommend 3four1!

Sonia C., Dallas TX

Andrew W.

Adam shows good work ethic and he really tells it to you straight. I sought his services for my own Electronic/Dance events, I soon saw myself receiving an excellent tour of a very reputable venue and speaking to the man who does his job best! Adam voiced his ability to grab me a venue and he really drove that in well. Next thing I knew Adam and I were shaking hands and swapping spit! I hopped in my car certain Adam and I are sure to shake the tables in any industry and market. If you need a Venue, Adam Endick is your man!

Andrew W., Anna TX

Sharon D.

My husband is celebrating his 65th birthday; and Adam Endick of 3four1 has secured an amazing space for the event. - as well as consulted personally with me regarding all my event concerns - He went so far as to secure all arrangements regarding the jazz band, the late nite fare and the beverages - Knowing that all services provided by 3four1 are free; definitely sweetened the deal.

I would certainly consider using 3four1's service for any future events - both business and pleasure; and would happily refer 3four1 to any and all future prospective clients.

Sharon D., Dallas TX

Katy P.

I have been working with Adam Endick and 3FOUR1 for over two years. He has facilitated in quite a few events at all 7 of the Campisi's locations. We have also worked together on several offsite catering events. If you need someone to locate a great venue for you or to consult on your event for FREE....3FOUR1 is the company for you.

Katy Palermo
Director of Catering & Events for Campisi's Restaurants
(214) 500-4841

Katy P., Dallas TX

Joanna H.

Adam Endick at 3FOUR1 really hooked me up! It was only a week before my birthday event, and I still had no venue, and no money to spend renting one. I was just about ready to resign to having a small gathering at a friend's house (which would have been fine, but not what I wanted for this BIG of a birthday year) when Adam stepped in and offered me not one, but several options that fit my needs (cash bar, my own dj, kitchen still open). And these places were no compromise, either--it was hard to choose among them, actually!

I ended up choosing Jorge's Tex Mex because of its size and ambience. What I got was an amazing night with my friends and loved ones around me, and a night I'll never forget. Everyone in my party was attended to at Jorge's with the utmost friendliness and hospitality...it's obvious why a savvy connector like Adam recommended the restaurant.

My boyfriend and I have many ideas for fun events of all sizes that we want to do in the future. We know who we'll be calling first. 🙂

Joanna H., Dallas TX

Curtis M.

My future partner and I were in need of desperate help when our current reservations were lost in the mix. 3four1 saved the day with such an original plan of action that worked flawlessly.

The event turned out to be a smash and I cannot thank 3four1 enough for the wonderful time that my friends and I had. My only regret is that I didn't find them sooner or I most defiantly would have used this superb group of coordinators.

Curtis M., Frisco TX

Kelly B.

I've attended several 3FOUR1 events and they were done beautifully and many of them benefited wonderful nonprofits in the Dallas area. The 3FOUR1 team assembles unique events and has excellent follow-up as well.

Kelly B., Dallas TX

Addie R.

3four1 will help find the best event venues, spread the word about your event and bring people to the party! Great value and customer service.

Addie R., Irving TX

Rebel L

This company makes it easy to save money while still having drinks and treats at all my favorite venues with their VIP wristbands. I tell all my friends to get their wrist bands before any girls night out Uptown!

Rebel L., Plano TX

Josh M.

Adam Endick and the 3FOUR1 team helped me with my GALA. We needed a location for 400 people that would be something different than all the other dinners. We had a great event with different food stations with drink tickets and many other surprises. They know events and have a lot of experience. Everything was free for me and my organization. They help me find the place, promote my event and consult me on my event.

Josh M., Dallas TX